As we manage the uncertainty that the COVID-19 is causing in all areas of our lives, we all face unprecedented challenges. You have our commitment that during this unprecedented time in our Nation’s history we will remain committed to transparency and decency, and increase our communication with each one of you to make information available as soon possible. To this end below are recent updates:


  • The HMD Family is committed to participating in the Nations relief


  • We are working around the clock to remain current regarding any changes that could possibly affect

our fleet’s operation.


  • We clearly understand that you have many other concerns and questions. We welcome all of your inquiries.


  • Beware – there is a lot of information from media outlets and social media that may not be Please check with us our official sources to verify any information before deciding upon its authenticity.
  • Many delivery and pick-up locations may have increased on-site checkpoints, precautions, or limit facility access to reduce the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), we ask that you exhibit patience and


  • It is our goal to be proactive regarding any potential changes that could affect current methods of operation. We will continue to monitor this extremely fluid situation and will adjust as necessary to position our drivers and equipment into areas of


  • In the event that there is a nationwide lockdown, load shortage, or any emergency need we will provide live information and instructions as the situation



We remain prepared for a multitude of potential outcomes and will be providing updates accordingly.

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